What a fantastic way to build your hours and be social. Night sailing is an art – when everything changes around you, it’s a magical experience being able to go sailing at night. Last night, Kraken was in action out in the Solent during our regular club sailing.

The Solent is a busy waterway and that change from daylight into darkness can be daunting for many. Planning our evening, we looked at the challenges for the evening ahead – our last outing saw our group of sailors find their position by three-point fix off lights.

Plan how to navigate across the Solent at night to find an unlit mark off Lee-on-the-Solent that’s in only a 2 metre contour.
Working as a team they used back bearings and transits off lit buoys to sail along a steady course and they found the mark!
Last night’s challenge was to steer clear of shipping and look at ships’ lights. Colin set the challenge to find and navigate round Ryde Middle as a course, identifying and sailing to the Cardinal East of Ryde Middle. The team had to then navigate to the entrance channel and use the lights to enter the harbour.
Concentrating on the best practice for night navigation and light pollution, this is a great way to learn and experience how to sail without a chart plotter in the darkness to banish those nerves and open up another magical sailing chapter.