So, is paddleboarding fun?

I first ‘dipped my toe’ into paddleboarding last summer when we were holidaying in Jersey. The rest of my crew were all really keen to give it a go and I got roped into joining them.

I won’t lie, I was extremely nervous. I didn’t think I would be able to paddleboard and thought I would make a show of myself and even experience some epic paddleboarding fails. I also thought it looked extremely hard and so I would have preferred to have sat in the sun, reading my book. However, the kids were keen for me to join them; so, we headed for the local beach paddleboard rentals and hired one each. It was only for two hours, so I thought I would just paddle around and get it over and done with.

How wrong was I?

Once I mastered the basics, I was off and away and totally loved it! I did fall off the paddle board a few times, but I laughed so much when I did and when watching everyone else find their feet after falling. You could almost see it happening – first a little wobble, sometimes we got our balance back and sometimes we didn’t. We had so much fun that the two hours flew by, and I didn’t want to give back my trusted paddleboard. I am not quite ready to try and cross the Atlantic unaided, but we certainly had lots of fun.

Our new paddleboarding hobby

As soon as we got home, we visited our local stockist – Andy Biggs Watersports, in Gosport and purchased our own paddleboard. We have enjoyed so many fun days out on it recently – my 11-year-old was even out on it with a friend last Sunday in the rain, whilst we ate lunch. So, in answer to the question: ‘is paddleboarding fun?’  – we can confirm that it is indeed!

Paddle boarding fun for Bacchus customers

So, we have decided to bring the fun of paddleboarding to our customers. We have purchased two brand new paddleboards from Andy Biggs Watersports to hire out from our Training Centre at Haslar Marina. The paddleboards are easy to transport – they even come in a handy bag on wheels.

Try before you buy

So, if you are like me and are unsure if paddleboarding is for you – why not try before you buy and make the most of our paddleboard hire? We will even share some of our paddleboarding tips with you.

If you are already a paddleboarding pro, we would love you to share some of your paddleboarding how to’s and tips in the comments.