If you want some fun on the water, whilst gaining a qualification at the same time, our RYA Powerboat Level 2 course could be for you. Our students ask the question “what do you Learn on a RYA Powerboat Level 2 course” hopefully this blog will help you decide whether to join us for the next course?.

RYA Course on the Solent

Held over two days at our Training Centre at Haslar Marina, Gosport, the sailing course is part theory, with the majority of time on the water driving the boat. The boat? A 6-meter Ribeye with a 100hp outboard on the back. With a maximum ratio of three students to one instructor, you really get time on the helm to learn and hone the skills needed to get the boat onto the plane at around 20 knots.

Find out how our recent budding students got on during their sailing course on the Solent:

Day 1

The first morning began with an interactive discussion in our dedicated classroom at our Solent sailing school. Here, we quickly re-capped the elements of the RYA Powerboat Level 2 course, before we get stuck in by identifying what safety equipment we may want to have on board.

By 10 am we were on the boat and ready to set sail (after a safety briefing, of course)! We began by getting a feel for the handling of the boat at low speed (don’t worry planing speed comes on day 2)! We mastered figure of eight turns, going forwards and backwards between buoys. Next, we learned about wind awareness and how to hold the boat pointing into the wind. At this point we needed a little break, so moved on to picking up a mooring buoy and securing it alongside. Break time’s over. It was time to carry out some man overboard drills, rescuing Megan! (Don’t worry, she is a specially adapted rescue fender).

It was time to replenish our energy with lunch, which was purchased locally. After our stomachs were fed, we carried out some turns in confined spaces. We left and came alongside pontoons, using lines to turn and move alongside.

We returned to shore having had lots of fun and learnt lots of new skills, and were eager to see what the next day would bring….

Day 2

Today started with some theory work covering the rules of the road, charts, tides, buoyage and basic passage planning and pilotage (basically how to get to where you want to go). We then drew up a real passage plan and jumped back on the boat to see if it worked. We introduced planing speed manoeuvres including S turns and U turns. Today, we took a packed lunch to have after we had mastered the art of anchoring. We then established our position on a chart using skills learned in the morning theory session. The rest of the afternoon was spent honing those man overboard skills, this time at realistic speeds of 20 knots.

Weather Warning

The Solent weather was scorching hot so we needed sunscreen by the bucket load, and let’s just say there were many willing volunteers to be the man overboard!

Plain Sailing

As the two days came to an end, everyone agreed about how much they thoroughly enjoyed it and how many new skills they had learned.

Every student passed the RYA Powerboat Level 2 course (in fact we haven’t had a failure, so far)!

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