Did you know that there are 25,000 recognised RYA training centres across the world?

But, why choose an RYA training? The prestigious Royal Yachting Association (RYA) offers training for everyone, regardless of ability and skill, gender, disability and age too. The RYA is also there to give helpful advice and guidance so that you can find the right course for yourself. From powerboating, motor cruising, and windsurfing, to navigation and seamanship theory to small boat sailing, there is literally a course for everyone. Not only do the RYA provide this for everybody, they provide direction and advice on regulations, safe boating, cruising tips, boating abroad, marine conservation zones, and offshore renewable energy (for starters!).

Did you know that there are 25,000 recognised RYA training centres across the world, with at least 250,000 individuals taking some form of training and boating sport each year? In addition to these figures, over 50,000 children have been introduced to all aspects of water activities annually.


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Our modern and equipped RYA training centre, based in the heart of the Solent at Haslar Marina, has premium facilities to accommodate your training. Find out what some of our students have to say about us.

We offer a variety of RYA training courses, ranging from RYA practical courses to our RYA theory and shore-based courses, which are based in our exclusive marina-side dedicated classroom.


RYA qualifications are extremely well-known and highly respected across the globe, taking exams at the Advanced Powerboat, Coastal Skipper, Yachtmaster Offshore and Yachtmaster Ocean levels. With these RYA qualifications, you can show your competence as a skipper.

One of the many aspects that the UK National Governing Body for Sailing get heavily involved in, is the regular reviewing of training content. The RYA put every single individual’s preferences and needs at the heart of all schemes, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of boating training worldwide.

But, it doesn’t stop with the boating training – the RYA consistently and actively encourage people to get out on the water at sea. They encourage people who love being on the water, to try new things, through events such as ‘Push the Boat Out‘ and ‘Active Marinas‘. This gives people the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of cruising open waters or inland waterways, or the thrill of racing, under sail or power. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or have progressed to advanced level and an expert, the staff are there to help you get the most from your time out there on the water.

With impeccably high standards, the RYA remain at the forefront of boating training worldwide.

The RYA work constantly to ensure that their high standards are maintained, such as providing important information for their members and the promotion of safe boating.

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